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Praying Like Every Sunday is Launch

I have never prayed more for one specific Sunday than I did for January 13, 2019. For months and months, that date loomed large as I looked ahead at my calendar and saw two words: “Launch Sunday.” This was the…

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Three Daily Bible Reading Objectives

You wake up early, pour yourself some coffee, and find a spot on the couch or at the kitchen table. You open up your Bible and read it. After you finish reading it, you struggle to understand the meaning of…

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Equipped: Preparing for Launch

After months of anticipation and prayer, our church planting team gathered together for a Bible study in Idaho for the first time last Sunday. What an exciting night! We celebrated all that God had already done to build this team.…

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Why Boise?

A couple years ago, the pastoral team at Compass Bible Church, as well as my wife and I, began to pray and plan for me to eventually lead another Compass church plant. Last year, I started to pray with more…

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Praying for Compass Boise

Shortly after we announced that Compass Bible Church would be planting a new church in the area of Boise, Idaho, several families committed to making the move to be a part of this new congregation. As that number grew, I…

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Why Plant a Church?

On the first weekend of 2018, we made an exciting announcement at Compass Bible Church. We were planting another church! This is the 3rd time in the last four years we have announced that a pastor from our church was…

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