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Hello! Welcome to my blog.

In January, we announced that my family would be moving to Idaho to plant the next Compass Bible Church in 2019. This announcement was the result of years of thought, prayer, and seeking direction from the Lord and from other counselors on God’s calling on my life. While church planting in Boise is a rather recent decision, one thing has been clear for a while – God has called me to be a pastor.

I want to spend my life in the task of teaching the Bible and helping people see its relevance and application to their lives. I want to boldly share the Bible’s central message – the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, who died for our sins and rose again to give us new and eternal life. I want to help people discover the joys of reading the Bible for themselves. I pray that God allows me to be a part of revival – a great work where God brings many to repentance and faith.

These are the same reasons I am starting a blog.

I want to write about the Bible in a way that will be relevant to you and your spiritual life. I plan to pass along reflections of things I have read that I think will be of interest to others. I will also share some of my own experiences on this journey of church planting that I hope will encourage you.

My wife, Holly, is awesome, and I hope that she will share some of her writing on this blog, too. We have a daughter named Hannah, a son named Mac, and another child on the way!

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