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Equipped: Preparing For Launch

Equipped: Preparing for Launch

After months of anticipation and prayer, our church planting team gathered together for a Bible study in Idaho for the first time last Sunday. What an exciting night! We celebrated all that God had already done to build this team. Yet there was also a sense among us that our work is just beginning. We did not set out just to start a home Bible study. We are planning to start a church, and there is much work yet to be done before we begin in January.

In addition to our Sunday night study through 2 Timothy, we are beginning a new effort this week as we prepare for launch. This Friday night, our team will gather for the first of three Equipped workshops. For each of the three months between now and launch, we will focus on a new theme and kick each theme off with a Friday night workshop. Here is the schedule with all of our themes and the dates for the corresponding workshops.

October – Your Heart

God always looks beyond our actions to see what is going on in our hearts. He also reminds us that what is going on in our hearts will ultimately determine our actions. Therefore, we will discuss the motives that will drive us in our ministry. We will also focus on the priority of personal Bible reading and prayer. Our team will read books like The Knowledge of the Holy by A.W. Tozer and The Power of Prayer by R.A. Torrey as we prepare our hearts for the work that God is going to do through us. Workshop date – October 5th

November – The World

This month is all about evangelism. We plant churches so that we might reach more people for Christ – how are we going to do that? This month we will be spurred on by books like The Master Plan of Evangelism by Robert Coleman and The Soul Winner by Charles Spurgeon. By the end of the month, we will begin our community outreach as our launch date will be just over a month away. Workshop date – October 26

December – The Church

In the final month before launch, we will look at topics like fellowship and service as we discuss how everyone should plan on being involved in church. People will even begin to receive more specific ministry assignments and meet with those teams to get ready for our first Sunday! Workshop date – November 30

If you are a part of our team or interested in being a part of it – sign-up on the church website . If you are not a part of the launch team, please mark these dates and themes down so you can pray for us as we prepare for launch!

Let’s GO!

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  1. Looking forward to CBC TV first Equipped Conference this Friday. Time to roll up our sleeves open our bibles and get equipped for the work at hand; making disciples in the Treasure Valley. Let’s Go For the Gospel

  2. We visited the compass bible church in Alicia Viejo in so. Cal while visiting some of the kids there who recently started attending.
    We live in central Idaho near New Meadows where we run a small resort.
    ( is our website.
    I was checking to see if we could catch a service this morning as we are passing thru Boise just now on way home. I see that services are planned for Jan. We will keep you in prayer.


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