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If There Is No Prayer, Then You Just Don’t Care

If There is No Prayer, Then You Just Don’t Care

Do you want to see people get saved?
Would you like to personally lead someone to Christ?
Do you desire to see more new converts getting baptized at your local church?
Do you want to witness revival?
If you’re reading this blog, I think you would most likely say “yes” to all of these questions..

Did you pray for the salvation of specific lost people this morning?
Did you ask God for opportunities to share the gospel today?
Are you praying every week that the preaching at your local church would lead people to repentance?
Are you fervently and persistently calling out to God for revival?
I think it’s less likely you answered “yes” this time around.

If you answered “yes” to the first set of questions and “no” to the second, then it’s time for you to get honest with yourself about something important: you don’t care about the salvation of others as much as you think you do.

If there is no prayer, then you just don’t care.

The first step toward revival in our land will be Christians repenting over their lack of concern for the lost souls around them. We need revival to begin with us, and we can start by making these three daily resolves.

1) Grieve over the plight of the lost.

When Paul talks about his concern for his unsaved fellow countrymen in Romans 9, he says he experiences “deep sorrow and unceasing anguish.” In our comfort-driven culture, these are emotions that we seek to avoid at all costs. But as God’s redeemed agents on planet earth, these are feelings we should lean into. The reality is that there are millions of people around us that are headed to eternity in hell. That should not make us comfortable.

Every single day, you should feel at least a taste of this sorrow and anguish that Paul speaks of. Think of some of the unsaved people in your life. Ponder the destructive fruit that sin will bear in their lives. See them as “harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.” Remember that with God’s grace, you would be just as lost. Be uncomfortable, and let that discomfort push you into action.

2) Pray for opportunities to share the gospel.

Unfortunately, not many people want to be told that they are lost sinners who need a Savior. Anyone who has ever sought to engage in evangelism has inevitably experienced the closed door of rejection. We should be praying every day for open doors – opportunities to share the gospel to someone who is willing to listen.

Paul tells the Colossians, “Pray also for us, that God may open to us a door for the word, to declare the mystery of Christ…” We should join in with that prayer every day. I’m confident that if you are faithfully praying for opportunities to evangelize, God will answer “yes” to that request. In fact, I bet you’ll start to see some opportunities you had not even realized were there.

3) Pray for specific unsaved people.

In his classic book The Power of Prayer, R.A. Torrey says, “We can accomplish more for the salvation of others by praying for them than we can in any other way.” Prayer is not the only step we should take in sharing the gospel with other people, but it is certainly the first step. Don’t let a day go by without praying for the salvation of specific unbelievers that you know.

These daily prayers for the unsaved should pack a punch of passion. Spurgeon said, “The Lord Jesus Christ wept over Jerusalem, and you will have to weep over sinners if they are to be saved by you.” While some people may cry more easily and frequently than others, we should all pour our emotions into these prayers for those who are bound for hell.

While the task of evangelism presents us with many challenges, we must not lose sight of where we should begin. The plight of the lost should burden our hearts in a way that drives us to our knees. May God hear our prayers and use us and our churches to bring revival to our land!



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  1. This was powerful!!! Thank you, Pastor Ben for the truth!!! We need to be convicted to pray for our lost brothers and sisters. Family members, co-workers, neighbors!!!
    The people who say they don’t believe in God, I have a hard time believing that but I work in a catholic hospital and they have a belief in the Mother of Jesus and worship her but don’t know Jesus!
    There is a harvest field right in my workplace that I work 3 days a week, 12 hour shift with!!!
    I have to not be “afraid” and step in to action!!
    I follow you on emails and twitter as I am s part of CompsssHB, with your “on fire” brothers!!!
    Thank you for all that you do!!!
    Janet Goble

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