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Praying Like Every Sunday Is Launch

Praying Like Every Sunday is Launch

I have never prayed more for one specific Sunday than I did for January 13, 2019.

For months and months, that date loomed large as I looked ahead at my calendar and saw two words: “Launch Sunday.” This was the day our new church plant would hold its first services.

And so I prayed and prayed. 

I prayed with others. 
I prayed alone. 
I prayed because I was excited. 
I prayed because I was desperate. 
I prayed because I knew that God was the only one who could truly help.

And God answered! God provided in so many ways to help our church get off to a running start as in reaching, teaching, and training people to be followers of Jesus Christ.

A lot of things have gotten “easier” since launch Sunday. The set up and tear down process has become smoother each week. The kids ministry team has gotten better and better. New people have started coming regularly.

But none of this should slow us down in prayer. Paul tells the Colossian church, “Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving” (Col. 4:2). The most important things we are fighting for in ministry will never get “easier.” Each week we seek things that are humanly impossible as we desire to see souls saved, to see people grow in Christ-likeness, and to watch God knit the hearts of his people together in love.

Whether you are a part of a young church or one that has been around for decades, I hope this week will find you on your knees crying out to God with fervor on behalf of your church. We should pray like every Sunday is launch.

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